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Our Story

Mallett Buildings was created 22+ years ago when Lee Mallett saw an opportunity in the Post Frame Building Industry where he could take a great building concept and offer it quality protection. At the time, Steel buildings were the prominent option & the cheaper “pole building” option was not built to last.

After carefully pin-pointing the problem areas of the buildings his competitors offered, Lee was able to bring sturdier & longer lasting Post Frame Building options to our area. After seeking out ways to improve some vital details in design, such as bare wood posts being planted into the ground without any protection, he was able to create the business you know today.

When you purchase our Top Quality Mallet Building design, you will receive our perfected design to protect against wear and tear as well as built-in quality craftsman ship that you will not see with any other company.

DIY Building Kits being sold to ALL of the United States!

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