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Our Story

Founded 24 years ago by Lee Mallett, Mallett Buildings emerged from a vision to revolutionize the Post Frame Building Industry. Lee identified a significant opportunity to enhance the longevity and quality of these structures, traditionally overshadowed by the prevalence of steel buildings. His insight into the industry’s shortcomings, particularly the impermanence of conventional ‘pole buildings’, laid the foundation for our company’s innovative approach.

Mallett Buildings embarked on a journey of meticulous research and development. Lee Mallett’s keen observation of the industry’s gaps, especially the issue of unprotected wooden posts directly embedded into the ground, was pivotal. Our quest led to pioneering advancements in design and construction techniques, significantly elevating the durability and lifespan of our Post Frame Buildings.

Choosing a Mallett Building signifies an investment in excellence. Our designs are not just structures; they are embodiments of refined craftsmanship and enduring quality. We take pride in offering Post Frame Buildings that stand the test of time, a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence in the industry. With Mallett Buildings, you are not just purchasing a building; you are securing a legacy of quality and durability unmatched by any other.

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