Building Process

The Building Process Is Simpler Than You Ever Imagined!

At Mallett Buildings we believe in working closely with our customers.  From performing multiple quality checks along the building process, to keeping you informed— we strive to give you the best service a community can offer.


Step 1 - Sign Contract & Complete Closing Packet

Congratulations on choosing Mallett Buildings for your building project!  Please note that the following tasks must be completed on the day of signing the contract:


Step 2 - Approve Drawings

After all paperwork is signed and the deposit is received, the permit preparation phase begins.

Next, we will have drawings made and sent to you for approval.  We will then create and send you the blueprint drawings, including post layout, elevations, and cross sections for your review.  These drawings will be included in the packet that will be submitted to the Parish/County for permit application.

Note: If your jurisdiction requires engineered stamped plans, this will be done after design has been approved!


Step 3 - Submit for Permit

Once drawings are approved, you will receive your plans to pull the permit for your building.  This will be with the city/town if you live in an incorporated area.  If you are outside of a city/town, it will be with your parish/county.  This process usually takes about 1-3 weeks depending on jurisdiction.


NOTE: Be sure to check with your jurisdiction BEFORE purchasing your building to make sure your building meets code for your area!  We also have the option for us to pull your permit.


Step 4 - Permit Received & Building Materials Ordered/Built

Once you receive your building permit, you will send it to our office.  While your project is in the queue for construction, we will begin ordering materials and building trusses at our facility for your building.


Step 5 - Site Preparation/Material Delivery

Click here to go to our page about site preparation while you wait for your materials.

Once your trusses are built and your other materials have arrived, your building will be shipped to the project site ready to be assembled!


Step 6 - Breaking Ground

Construction Begins!


Step 7 - Framing Complete

The crew assigned to your building will complete the framing, and install the roof and siding to create a completed shell.  Once the shell is finished, the framing crew will leave the site.  We can now proceed with additional installations such as:


Step 8 - Quality Control

Upon completion of the shell construction, a quality control check will be performed on the building.  The timing for this check is not fixed but we strive to complete it as soon as possible.  The QC check includes:

If you (the customer) would like to be present during the QC check, please contact the construction department for the scheduled date.


Step 9 - Concrete Forming/Installation

A forming crew will form up your building and bring your building to grade after sand is delivered.

Concrete will be scheduled and coordinated after forming is complete.

Note:  It is very important to be there the day of the concrete pour as concrete should be to your liking and is the last major step in the project.

Concrete forming/installation will be scheduled as soon as possible after the completion of forming.  However, there may be various factors that could affect this schedule, including:


Step 10 - Additional Building Options

If you have selected additional options to be installed by us, they will be scheduled for installation as soon as possible and in a manner that aligns with the proper order of installations during the building process.  These additional options may include:



Congratulations!  Your building is now completed and ready to use for years to come.

Once the project is finished, you will receive an email with a letter confirming completion.  Please note that the final payment is due upon completion of the project.