First of all I would DEFINITELY recommend Mallett to anyone. The process was mostly smooth. The quality of this building is nothing short of incredible. I am 100% satisfied. From the moment the representative met with me to sign the contract and inspect the property to completing the building, everyone was helpful. Lauren, the saleswoman, was the best salesperson I have ever dealt with for anything. I would like to add, they were more reasonable than anyone else in my area and they had to travel plus their building is 100 times the quality. As far as Mr. Mallett, I only had to contact him once and when I did, he took care of my issue almost instantly. The builder crew, concrete finishing crew, and the gutter crew were very good at maintaining good craftsmanship and making sure I was completely satisfied. My advice is to read the contract carefully to make sure that you completely understand every detail and if you have any questions, ask. From my experience, there are no hidden fees if you read through the contract. Also, make sure you understand the entire process as this will not be a quick and easy process as there are many obstacles associated with having a building built. We were up against rain, ice, snow, and schedule setbacks. I made sure whenever they needed something from me, I had it for them the day before and that made the process so much more smooth. I did have issues with some customer service reps, but they are no longer with Mallett. The last two customer service reps I dealt with were extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I am very anal whenever it comes to craftsmanship, I inspected the entire building each and everyday and night. I found very few issues and the issues I did find, I brought up to the builder and he and his crew fixed them immediately. If you want a good quality building at a reasonable price and a good warranty included go see Mallett, they will be sure to take care of you and your needs!!!!! – Josh LeJeune


Was very thorough down to details for all the prep work. Building was fabricated quickly and accurately. Had only one problem with the prep work for the concrete, but was easy to work with and came to a good resolve. Workmanship was very neat, Very happy with my building. – Gary Hebert


Great products!! These buildings are built to last. They custom make each pole barn to your spec, with tons of options to choose from! I chose Mallet based on seeing a few of their buildings go through a couple of the strongest hurricanes we’ve seen in this area and the buildings making it through with zero issues!! Mine was built with the quality that I was hoping, and you can tell it’s built to last. Everybody comments on how much they love it, and it’s been absolutely priceless for what I need around here. Would highly recommend them if you’re looking for a solid pole barn that’s built to last! – Dar Sull


I purchased a building from Mallett in 2011 , I was extremely satisfied, so I’m purchasing a Second building for my business – Fred Robicheaux