Why Mallett Buildings?

With 20+ years of experience as a licensed residential & commercial contractor in the South, CEO & Founder of Mallett Buildings, Lee Mallett, raised the bar in the post-frame metal building industry.

Currently serving ALL of Louisiana, Southeast Texas, and Southwest Mississippi. (Up to 200 miles from our facility in Iowa, Louisiana)

To ensure 100% satisfaction with over 15,000 buildings, we developed one of the only truss manufacturing companies in Louisiana.

Our customers not only receive the highest quality materials in the market, but also enjoy carefully mastered truss & cable retention systems, engineered to last.

Mallett Buildings is the only post-frame metal building company in the nation to offer a 5 year workmanship warranty.

DIY Building Kits being sold to ALL of the United States!


Go see our product first hand, when we set up an appointment for you to view a Mallett Building in your area.

You will be able to tour a Mallett Building and speak with one of our customers about their experience with Mallett Buildings!

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